The Background Story

(Translated from the Batsugun CD booklet by Fujix with added information from Shooting Star, edited by Carl)

Far away in the Universe...
...On a far away planet, a revolution that no one could expect occured....

The Gladebaran revolutionary army started the "Epsilon Project", The army brought all government troops under their control within just 9 days. 10 millions innocent humans were slaughtered by the Gladebarans who didn't hesitate to do anything to achieve their goal.. Formidable Gladebaran... Nevertheless government troops didn't have any battle ships and fighters to face the foe.

The inhibitants were left without any hope. At that time, a message reached the government. It said that some state-of-the-art fighters remained in a secret undersea base that escaped the Epsilon project. The government picked out a squad among the remaining squads, the "Skull Hornets", and assigned them the mission to save the world. But the message was intercepted by the revolutionary army...

As the Skull Hornets started going to the secret base, the Gradebaran army was following them. The war that will determine the fate of the world is about to start...

What is the Epsilon Project?

The Epsilon Project is a gargantuan project to transport all humans into outer space. Renoselva A Gradebaran planned the project because he predicted a crisis following the explosion of the population and the disruption of nature, but the government did not approve of the project, so Gradebaran lost his temper and launched a coup d'etat.

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