Characters and their ships

(Translated from the Batsugun CD booklet by Fujix with added details from Shooting Star, edited by Carl)

Type-A Fighter (Sky Mirage)
A fighter developed secretly equipped with ultimate evolution system. Comparatively easy to control, wide machine gun can damage all front enemies. It is unknown how the evolution system evolves it on the millitary situation. But it can grow up by itself and evolve more and more suiting each enemy's force. We call it - 6th generation weapon - "Wing of gods"


Regular crew of Skull-Hornet. Got a rough-neck attitude, so no matter where there's sky he'll fly. Typical commando dude.

Birthday: July 24th
Blood Type: A
Height :173cm
Weight: 65kg
Prefer: Hamburger Steak
Dislike: Liquor


His regular job is explorer, so he explored the sky, the seas, and the forests from a young age. This time, he was on an expedition into uninhabited island, which turned out to be the entrance of a secret base. He wandared around and got captured by a soldier. He turned out to be the pilot of a Type-A fighter called "Sky Mirage" only because he said he had flown an airplane.

A retired soldier of the government troop. At the war 30 years ago, he flown a propeller airfighter with complete control, and made a heroic effort where he got the name "Flying Shark".
His hobby is treasure hunting (Exploring is a job). He has a habit of nodding the head and mumbling "Wm-hm".

Birthday: February 29, 55 years old
Blood Type: A
Height: 165cm
Weight: 90kg
Prefer: Japanese dried radish
Dislike: Snake

Type-B Fighter (Dragon's Whisper)
This fighter is also equipped with "Wing of gods". It generates an "Electric Thunder" from 2 Magnetic radiators and fire it as energy shells from 3 "Blast Flashers". Its "Thunder Spark Lazer" damages enemies intensively.


Survivor of pre-Skull-Hornet which was destroyed. Her character is sassy, emulous and sourpuss. She is thirsting for revenge because her pre-superior officer Gradebaran killed her brother (Virgiana Divine) in front of her.

Birthday: February 2nd
Age: 21
Blood type: B
Height: 160cm
Weight: 49.9kg
Her measurements are secret...
Hobby: Monkey Trick
Prefer: Healthy Foods
Dislike : Sugary Boodle


Ground crew of the secret base. She likes things refresh her, and has yarned for being a pilot. When a Type-B fighter was ready to go, she could not control herself and got on the fighter and scrambled before the regular pilot appeared.

Her hobby is taking things apart. She can strip down one car in 30 minutes.

Birthday: January 1st, 18 years old
Height: 154cm
Weight: 45kg
Her measurements are secret...
Prefer: Bavarian cream
Dislike: Spicy foods

Type-C Fighter (Judgement Flasher)
A fighter equipped with the ultimate evolutionary system "Wing of gods" for outer space fighting. In this mission, they need more fighters even if one, therefore it was made over into being able to fly in the stratosphere. It fires energy shells that can change themselves freely. The fighter grows up slowly and evolves into the strongest fighter. The ultimate weapon for the humans.


(Real name unknown)
Hired soldier. He was born to a plutocracy home. He had been in poor health since he was a child. When he was recuperating in a villa, he was kidnapped. The ship that transported him capsized in a storm and he drifted ashore on a foreign island. He spend 8 years in the jungle of that island. After that, he was rescued by a wrecked ship and went to a new continent. His life there was so poor that he aspired to be rich, and joined the navy. He was better off in the navy but satisfied his loneliness. After bowler-hatted, he put in his time as a first class company employee, but the revolution occured. The information of annihilation made him decided to confront the enemy. Few people knows he will get a 5 millions reward through background channels.

Birthday: March 31st
Age: 32
Bloodtype: AB
Prefer: Philandering, Chocolate parfait
Dislike: Sour foods.

Olisis R

The leader of the revolutionary army, Renoselva A Gradebaran's own son. His father's insolent and overbearing way of doing things clashed with him. He gave up his all status and joined the government troops. He stood up to the revolutionary army to frustrate the ambition.

Birthday: November 23rd
Age: 20
Bloodtype: AB
His hobby is to look in a mirror! (bleah!) He can play the violin, the piano and the pipe organ.
Prefer : Shish kebab steak of rare lamb chop
Dislike: Japanese fermented soybeans (Natto)

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