My Collection Of Toaplan Stuff

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Toaplan Things I Own

Here's some of the things I've collected. I also have a bunch of home versions of Toaplan games lying around so when I get some inspiration I might add photos of those things too!



Here's my collection of Soundtracks, thanks to Fujix and nice people donating soundtracks to me :) This collection is complete:

Top, left to right: V-5 / Grindstormer, Out Zone + Snow Bros, Zero Wing, Tatsujin Oh / Truxton 2, Fix Eight, Dogyuun.

Bottom, left to right: Tatsujin/Truxton, Batsugun, Ultimate Tiger, Fire Shark, Vimana.

For more info on these soundtracks, go to the soundtracks page.


Toaplan PCBs

In no particular order...

Sky Shark


Fire Shark


Slap Fight

Which is apparently made by Tatio America Corporation:


Tiger Heli


Twin Cobra


Rally Bike


Out Zone


Fix Eight