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Who the .... made this ....?

Sir! These web pages were created by Carl of Dead Serious in an attempt to document the games emulated by Shark, one of the emulator project of Dead Serious. The scope of the contents have since grown to more a more general quality. It is all about the games and hardware by Toaplan. For some reason it is very hard to find west sites with decent information about Toaplan, but there's lots of it available in Japan. Some Japanese information has been compiled in to my best understanding (i.e. guessing) but much has been translated by Fujix. In a previous life the author worked on arcade game conversions and was part of the teams that brought Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury Special to SEGA-CD and NBA Hangtime to SEGA Genesis and SNES.

On a refreshingly fresh sidenote, I noticed that an old employer liked my ramblings about some old games I made so much that they decided to "Borrow" some of my descriptions on their corporate pages. I am flattered :) Now, if that company had just let me finish that Shoot'em-up game for Playstation we were working on.........

Contact the site host for any reason concerning Toaplan. Donating PCB's or game cartridges is always appreciated!

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Submissions and corrections

This site is in no way complete, bits and pieces are missing from the Toaplan game library and whatever new information comes up will be added to the site. If you have anything Toaplan missing from these pages, contributions will be happily accepted!

Any contributions to this site or information concerning factual mistakes can be sent to STK at the AO forums! Contributed content will be incorporated with the current pages, credit / reference links will be given wherever appropriate. All submitted content will be edited for taste and style, but not published without submitter's approval.


Tales Of Interest

I just realized that under AOL search directory Main > Games > Video Games > Genres > Action > Arcade that Zero Wing has more than twice the amount of sites than the nearest competitor, the Time Crisis series. In your face, Namco! (And I'm not just saying that because I used to work there).