Why toaplan?

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Purpose of this site

Toa-plan (swe.): Idea or strategy conceived while using restroom, by many considered to be the ultimate source of inspiration.

Toaplan (jp.): "To-A" means "East Asia". Numero uno arcade Shoot'em-up creators active in the period of 1985 to 1994.

Toaplan is the company behind some of the best Shoot'em-up games ever created, starting with games like Tiger Heli and Slap Fight, ending with Batsugun, including some of the very best arcade games of all time like Flying Shark, Twin Cobra and Out Zone. The company is no longer around but the games live on through collectors and emulation efforts. This site collects and documents whatever information exist about these games.

The creation of these pages started as the intention of collecting links to web pages that contained information about the games developed by Toaplan, as a part of adding documentation regarding the games of an arcade emulator created by DEAD SERIOUS.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the web, such pages disappear quickly. They live as ghosts in search engines that happily report that yes, there are hundreds of web pages with the content you request, but the servers once containing the information now deny they ever existed.

Because of all the information collected while emulating these games were not available elsewhere and what information was available was dying away in ghost pages the work on this site was initiated. The contents of this site now includes game related content from manuals (background story, play guides etc.) alternative versions of the games (conversions) and various forms of reviews in addition to the insights gained from (legally) analyzing the original games.

Although this site contains a lot of information derived from emulation it is not intended as an emulation related site, it is more concerned about the preservation of the games themselves.

This site does not contain ROMs, and don't ask about them. Future updates may however include information about purchasing the original PCBs, cassettes, disks or cartridges of the games. For now, I know there's a golden nugget coming up every now and then at http://www.ebay.com!

The information on this site is geared more towards the games rather than the hardware they originally ran on, but some hardware information is provided to show the development of the technology over time.