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Selected Awards This Site Has Won

Not an award, but close, from Brian, the KLOV Keeper:
"Your site is fantastic! I have been a long-time fan of their games and it is nice to finally see their legacy of superb titles given an excellent presentation. Keep up the great work!"

Generally, you will find the credits for borrowed content together with the content, here is a list of thanks:

Johan Köhler - For creating the first Nemesis and Salamander (Shooters by Konami) emulators and draggin' Dead Serious into Shoot'em-up arcade emulation!

Magnus Danielsson - For dragging me into the Shark emulator project.

Richard Bush - For emulation discussions and emulating those games we never bothered to emulate!

Malcolm Laurie - Founder of the original Shmups, Flying Shark Review (from Shmups), Lots of encouragement and more!

Jim Hernandez - More than I can mention, plus vital insights in Toaplan history. (Thanks for arranging the job thing and sorry for not taking it)

Neil Bradley - For the MZ80 cpu core used in SHARK.

Neill Corlett - For the StarScream 68000 cpu core used in SHARK.

J-ROM - Insights and information about Toaplan games from Japan!

Gamer's Graveyard - For hosting this little Toaplan tribute!

Jose Q - For the previous hosting this web site, founder of EmuViews, and its review section!

Quench - Emulated Performan! Twin Cobra guru, helped figure out Twin Cobra protecion!

Toaplan - For the games.

Fujix - Lots of information from Japanese sources, translation of Out Zone and Dogyuun stories and credits to English and other details.

Alexandre M Lefebvre - Lots of information and details of games and the entire Fix Eight writeup! More information is surely going to surface from this source!!!

Till Oldemeyer ( - Proofreading, Shark page, Shark testing and encouragement! Suggestion to add play hints to games.

Casimir Decas - !Hidden feature!

Tony Gonzales - Interesting Toaplan & Romstar tidbits

XRay1 - Arcade Flyer Database dude

Atomic Skull - Fishing up a couple of Vimana and Out Zone midi files for the music page.

DjellyBean - Tiger Heli NES review.

Hanaho - For the Hot Rod controller. Without it I probably wouldn't have played so far in many of the games covered in these web pages!

Mike Gerrard and "Your Sinclair" - Sinclair reviews of Flying Shark and Slap Fight

Starbase 299 - For inspiration and information

KLOV - Huge source of information about arcade games!

Tormod Tjaberg - Pointing things out.

Lemon - Commodore 64 info on various games

MadDog - EmuViews reviews of Flying Shark and Twin Cobra.

Taito, ROMSTAR, TECMO, Midway - For distributing the arcade games!

SEGA - A bunchload of conversions to their Genesis/Mega Drive console and making up background stories beyond imagination!

Roger Post - Shmups reviews of Hell Fire and Zero Wing

Lo-Fat - Shmups review of Batsugun

EDGE (EU Magazine) - Truxton 2 review (FM Towns Marty version)

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