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Horror Story
Demon's WorldTP-016

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Brief Description

Demon's World game action!Even if a majority of the games from Toaplan were quite good shoot'em-up games, there were some exceptions. Demon's World is definitely one of those.

Even if it is usually quite fun shooting dragons, butterflies and bicylists with too powerful weapons, the ingame art leaves a bit to be desired and there is no actual progress in the game.

Totally incomprehensible to me, the game has a protection similar to Flying Shark but is only used at one place which made this game very easy to break.

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Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (10 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Video: same as Truxton/ Hellfire/Zero Wing
Copyright Year: 1989
More information

Game type: 2 Player Simultaneous Forcescrolling Platform Shooter.

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