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Dogyuun game actionInitially, this game seems quite similar to many other Toaplan shooters, Truxton 2 is visually very close.

Playing the game will reveal the differances though. I found it much simpler to dodge bullets than in Truxton 2, one reason being less of them and that it seems like you can destroy some enemy shots with your weapons.

Another differance is that there is more variation in the enemies, this game is more about destroying mechs than insects or other spaceships, but here are also a section with motorbikes and sections with hovering robots. But don't worry, there's tons of spaceships to shoot too!

What totally caught me off guard playing the game was the mech pickup, I transformed into a mech and the game turned into a mech boxing game! I found this very refreshing after 6 or so stages of spaceship firepower deluxe!

The game allows for 2 player simultaneous playing.

The weapons in the game follows the trend in Toaplan shooters, shots as wide as the ship itself homing in on the enemy.. It didn't spoil the game as much as Truxton 2 but it takes away the of positioning the airplane/spaceship skill in shooters...

Click Here for the Story and the Credits.

Dogyuun Mech
The mech pickup allows you to play part of the game as a mech, instead of shots you box your way through the level!!!


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Video: same as Truxton 2/Snowbros 2
Copyright: (c) Toaplan 1992
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Game type: 2 Player Simultaneous spaceship Shooter.


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