"King of Hell"

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Brief Description

(Info from Shooting Star, translated by Fujix, edited by Carl)

First of all, I have to explain what Enma-Daiou is. It's the character of a legend in Buddhism countries, I guess. The legend is that "Enma-Daiou judges dead people in the entrance of the world after death. And if you told a lie when you were living, he will pull your tounge out and make you go to hell." Of course none of us believe that, but it's effective for children :)

So, it's a lie detector game.

You put your left hand on a sensor, and answer The King of Hell's questions by Yes or No. After that you get a small card printed telling you whether you're lying or not.

There seem to be 2 types of cabinets, standard and DX type. Click here for images.

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