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Characters of Fix Eight

(Information from Shooting Star, translated by Fujix, edited by Carl)

Howard Young

From the Union of America. A legendary hero of the 6th Caligula war. Cool and handsome. He also goes by the name of "The Hero of The Hell". A professional of war. He was confined to prison as a Class-A war criminal by the defeat of homecountry. He is an excellent fighter who is skilled in use of standard weapons.

Facing weapon: Machine (Gun Standard rapid-fire cannon, strong)
Forward weapon: Bee Smasher (Standard rapid-fire cannon, weak)
Special weapon: Ionic Lazer High-power lazer penetrates everything

Lucy Pamela

An infante of the East British Kingdom. A beautiful warrior with golden locks and blue eyes. She was judged guilty for the assassination the king by a scheming of PO and was confined to prison. She took battle lessons from Howard Young, therefore she uses the same weapons as Howard.

Facing weapon: Machine (Gun Standard rapid-fire cannon, strong)
Forward weapon: Bee Smasher (Standard rapid-fire cannon, weak)
Special weapon: Ionic Lazer High-power lazer penetrates everything

GX-026 Hinimoto Model-6

It destroyed 23 planets in the Galactic System in only one year. Its motivation is still unknown. An android that is cunning at wide attacks, and that has a heart for little birds and friends.

Facing Weapon: Twin Missile (2-way missile ahead)
Forward Weapon: FDN Sweeper (Strong missiles from the both sides)
Special Weapon: Bound Ball (Reflective fire ball)

Cull Horn

From the Republic of West Africa. The leader of the revolutionary army "Blue-Ribbon". He attempted to liberate Africa but was be committed to prison because of a treachery of his subordinate. He knows as much as anyone in the world about handling gunpowder. A bomb-fighter who is good at fighting at short range.

Facing Weapon: Til Gelder (2-way missile ahead)
Forward Weapon: Extra Bomb (Short range strong bomb)
Special Weapon: Tilt Wait (Sympathetic glutinous bomb)


Lizard man from the planet Oligo. A space pirate ransacked all over the galaxy for 200 years. But he copped out in an undercover operation by the galactic police. He loves a cup of capuccino. Special fill-up bomb stacks up to a normal bomb.

Facing Weapon: Gel Burner (Flame emitted from his mouth)
Forward Weapon: Acid Wide (Wide shot from his mouth, You can fill up by pressing shot button.)
Special Weapon: Whole Multiples (Covering fire from two small lizards)

Hayate Zigragi

Undefined Ninja. The strongest Ninja among existent Ninjas in this day and age. His big Ninja knives easily bring down enemies. He was put in jail for an attemption to assassinate the president of the United Federation of Planets Galaxy. He manipulates the destructive Ninja-sash weight that has an ablity to vanish even enemies fire.

Facing Weapon: Ninja Knife (4-way Ninja knives thrown in the derection of his face)
Forward Weapon: Sash Weight (It vanishes even enemies bullets. It gets stuck on enemies and obstacles)
Special Weapon: The Zen (Alter ego appears and shoots Ninja-Kunai at enemies)

Agatha Bordeaux

A woman warrior who is pre-model from the Empire of Italy. She fought for her boyfriend, thrown down the gauntlet to the imperial army, and went to jail for treason. An excellent fighter who manipulates special weapons which are difficult to handle for normal soldiers. She is equipped with auto homing missiles.

Facing Weapon: Napalm Shot (Normal shot and short range napalm bomb)
Forward Weapon: Horming-AF66 (Automatic homing missile)
Special Weapon: Flash Mine (The strongest spread bomb in the game)

Remlias L'Angelo

Mineral life form from the planet Cryst. He came to the Earth to gather pure crystals. He took command of the rebel army to keep the Union Army from their destruction of nature. After bitter fighting he was jailed. He easily controls strong crystal lasers.

Facing Weapon: Reflective Laser (As it is :)
Forward Weapon: Wide Laser (4-way laser)
Special Weapon: Homing Laser (Laser follows up enemies)

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