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Home versions

Flying Shark was converted to quite a few platforms. There is probably an Atari ST version I'm missing on this page and the Amstrad CPC version.

c64 version of Flying Shark

European c64 version (Flying Shark)

Year: 1987
Publisher: Firebird
Developer: Catalyst Coders/British Telecom
Programmer: Andrew Parton
Graphics: Fred
Music: Jim Evans

c64 version of Sky Shark (different from Flying Shark)

US c64 version (Sky Shark)

Year: 1988

Publisher: Taito America Corp.
Coder: M Howarth
Graphics: A Threllfall
Music: Tim Follin

Sinclair version of Flying SharkSinclair Spectrum version

Year: 1988

Publisher: Firebird
Programming: Dominic Robinson
Music: Steve Turner

Your Sinclair Review

NES coverNES version (Sky Shark)

Click here for the Manual

Amiga version titlescreenAmiga version gameplay
Amiga version

This version has a distinctly different look considering the possibilities of making the game very similar to the original on this machine.

Year: 1988
Publisher: Firebird
Developer: Images
Programmers: Rob Hylands and Rob Brooks
Graphics: Jason G Lihou
Sound: Jason Smart