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The Flying Shark Pilot

The Batsugun manual contains information about the pilot who flew Flying Shark, Rom Schneider! This description is for his role in Skull Hornets, the heroes of Batsugun:


His regular job is explorer, so he explored the sky, the seas, and the forests from a young age. This time, he was on an expedition into uninhabited island, which turned out to be the entrance of a secret base. He wandared around and got captured by a soldier. He turned out to be the pilot of a Type-A fighter called "Sky Mirage" only because he said he had flown an airplane.

A retired soldier of the government troop. At the war 30 years ago, he flown a propeller airfighter with complete control, and made a heroic effort where he got the name "Flying Shark". His hobby is treasure hunting (Exploring is a job). He has a habit of nodding the head and mumbling "Wm-hm".

Birthday: February 29, 55 years old
Blood Type: A
Height: 165cm
Weight: 90kg
Prefer: Japanese dried radish
Dislike: Snake

(There is also a story in the NES manual of Sky Shark)

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