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Flying Shark plane

Flying Shark

Fire Shark
Sky Shark
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Amiga NES c64
Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
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Brief Description

Flying Shark ScreenshotFlying Shark is probably most known for its constant, almost impossible, gameplay action. It takes a true shoot'em-up fanatic to complete the game!

You play a World War 2 biplane with the simple mission to shoot all enemies. Easy as this may seem, the enemies have the benefit of being many more than you and they have some devilish strategic placement, courtesy of Toaplan/Taito. You're bound to use up all your credits you brought into the arcade in this game!

Recent research has revealed the pilot of the Bi-Plane in Flying Shark! Click here for more info.

The game was converted to most popular home systems at the time. The Commodore 64 was blessed with 2 separate versions of which the Sky Shark version was better (although Flying Shark c64 was released a couple of years before Sky Shark). Other versions included the Sinclair, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and the NES.

Music and sound created by Tatsuya Uemura.

Click here for more information about the home versions.

Flying Shark biplane

How to play

Shoot the enemies coming at you, use the bombs when you have to. To improve your abilities, there are airplane squadrons that contains pickups and more bombs hidden under ground enemies (tanks, ship cannons etc.).

Red Biplane Shoot a squadron of red biplanes to get a shot powerup (Shot)
Yellow Biplane

Shoot a squadron of yellow biplanes to get 1000 points

Grey Biplane

Shoot a squadron of grey biplanes to get an extra life (1UP)

  Find bombs hidden under ground targets and ship turrets (Bomb)

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PCB and Memory Map of Flying Shark
Arcade Manual in HTML form

Details about the Flying Shark pilot!

First Level Recording (How to play Recordings in Shark)
Malcolm Laurie (SHMUPS) Flying Shark review
Sinclair version review
Home versions information
NES Sky Shark Manual
Commodore 64 Flying Shark manual
Arcade hardware information


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Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (8 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz) and TI32010-c (Protection)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Video system: Similar to Twin Cobra
Copyright Year: 1987
More information / PCB photo

Game type: 1 player top-down WW2 biplane shoot'em-up.
Sequels: Fire Shark
Similar games: 1942 series (c) Capcom.
Original name: Hishou Zame ("Flying Shark" in Japanese)
US Name: Sky Shark (Distributed by RomStar)

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"Flying Shark has to be one of the most addictive shoot 'em ups ever. It certainly made my joystick sticky!" (Sinclair version, Mike Gerrard, Your Sinclair)

"Re-Jävla-Spekt!" (Arcade version, Magnus Danielsson, Dead Serious Clan)

"In total, even with som nags, this is definiatly one of the best coinup conversions made on the C64." (About Flying Shark c64, HiWoomba, Babar c64 site)

"So,do yourself a favor and try this game...your fun is guaranteed for a lot of time!" (Arcade version, Mad Dog, Emuviews)

"Trounced by an 11-year old game. I didn't believe it. Me, the saviour of the known universe, pulped silly by Flying Shark, and it was set on EASY!!!" (Arcade version, Malcolm Laurie, creator of shmups)