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Grind StormerTP-027
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Brief Description

V-Five V-5 gameplayis one of the later games in the Toaplan library, but the weapons/pickup system is similar to Slap Fight, you pick one type of pickup to increase your possible weapon upgrade which you then can select by pressing the select button.

When you have the SHOOT weapon, you can alter the sideways range of your helper wings by pressing the select button and pulling the joystick up or down.

The game plays very smoothly but is a bit difficult to play through (it takes forever to get through the first stage).

The game was converted to SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis, by Tengen. This version plays like the original but the graphics is a bit washed out.

Grindstormer (western version of V-5) seems to be different in the way that you pick up the items directly and don't go through the power-up bar.

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Gameplay hints


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Technical Information

Hardware info

Game type: Top-down space shoot'em-up.
Prequel: Slap Fight?
Original name: V-FIVE

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