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Brief Description

Knuckle Bash game actionThis is a fun game. Maybe not gameplay-fun, but the characters are hilarious.

You choice of thugs include Elvis, a guy suspicioulsy like Super Barrio, Rastan and many more. Each guy has a special move, Elvis, for example, plays guitar with his enemies, but mainly you either punch or jumpkick.

TheElvis goes berserkgame is a sort of mix between a beat'em-up (where you walk around and beat lots of enemies) and a fighting game (where you fight (usually) one guy on an arena). The game plays a bit like Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle in Japan) and a bit like Street Fighter.

The actual fighting in the game is rather tedious, the one special move you have is easy to pull off and kicking and punching is only fun for so long. What saves the game is the variation of gameplay, and the humour.

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Game type: Beat'em-up / Fighting / Wrestling


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