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PlayerTypeJapanWorldBoard ID(C)ConversionsSequel
Out ZoneTP-018
No knownFix Eight
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Brief Description

Out Zone game actionOut Zone is one of the absolute most playable Toaplan games, second only to Flying Shark! As usual with Toaplan games the gameplay is incredibly well polished and it will take a good number of quarters to get through the game.

The game allows up to two players simultaneously, the actual playing is quite similar to a plane/spaceshipWe hope you destroy them all! shooter but you are a one or two hero team with a mission to reach the end and kill all enemies on the way.

The game opens with the player(s) being dropped off somewhere on a planet invaded by robots with the helpful text "We hope you destroy them all! Stand by ready ? Goodluck!!!"

Click here for the story

The most impressive sections of the game contains small mazes where robots are lined up so that they help eachother, something very few games even today manage to do.

Music and sound created by Tatsuya Uemura.

Alexandre Lefebvre hints that you can get hidden powerups if you play skillfully and get very far into the game without dying. For example you can achieve the Truxton ship to assist you!

Out Zone Marquee
(Out Zone US Marquee)

How To Play

Run forward and destroy all enemies, use bombs when you must. There are 2 basic weapons, one that shoots in the direction you face and one that shoots 3 shots forward, there is a pickup that allows you to change weapons. There are special pickups that allows you to use a different weapon, a shield, extended energy and increased speed. Bomb pickups are hidden in red enemies.


Weapon change crateShoot the red crates and pick up the change of weapon pickup (C) to alternate between basic weapons
Red enemyThe red enemies (leader of a group of enemies) carries a bomb or a powerup, shoot him and you can pick up an extra bomb(B). Pick up powerups (P) to get more powerful shots
Energy containerShoot the energy container and pick up energy (E) before you run out (Empty)
 Some enemies carry special powerups (SP / SP etc.) that gives you extra power. The colour of the SP corresponds to the type of pickup:
SPEED UPSpeed Up increases the player's movement speed.
ENERGY EXTENDEnergy Extend increases the amount of energy that the player can store so you get more time between each Energy pickup.

The shield is a forcefield around the player that can take one shot from an enemy without the player being destroyed.

Player with shield
Player with shield


Super Ball is a special weapon that consists of a big ball that the player is spinning around to kill enemies. It is quite powerful, but since it has to rotate a full lap to hit, it is somewhat slow. You can shoot the ball forward by releasing the shot button.

Player with super ball
Player with super ball


The super burner is a special weapon that works like a flamethrower. Hold the shot button in and the flame goes out in the facing direction. The range is limited with this weapon though, but it rather effective.

Player with super burner
Player with super burner (and shield)

Out Zone player


Translation of the background story
Playthrough of the beginning of the game (How to replay Shark .rec file)
Soundtrack info
Arcade hardware information
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Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (10 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Video: same as Truxton/ Hellfire/Zero Wing/Demon's World
Copyright Year: 1990
More information / Out Zone PCB photo

Game type: Top-down cyborg run and shoot at robots.
Sequel: Fix Eight
Similar games: Ikari Warriors (c) IREM.


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