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Out Zone story

(Translation and info by Fujix)

A.D. 2097.

At last, human can't control
repeated invasions to the earth.
As a last resort,
the United Nations commissioned
the strongest cyborg soldier
to the legendary space death squad.

Out Zone story

Information from arcade flyer (US Version)

TIME: 21st Century

PLACE: Remote outpost in space

MISSION: To rescue your comrades and shuttle craft from the Out Zone

* A two player interactive verticle conversion kit

Info from Arcade Game Database (Japanese)

A.D 2095, human race confronted being wiped out by invasions of strong aliens of Waogira planet. At that time, a message was posted to U.N. The message said that there were excellent cyborg soldiers who undertake battle with money in the remote region, so-called "Out Zone", of the galaxy system.

Japanese pronounciation of story screen

Japanese pronounciation

Seireki 2097(Ni-sen Kyuujuu Nana) nen.
Tabikasanaru chikyuu shinnryaku-wa tsuini
Jinnrui-no Teni Oenaku-natta.
Kokuren-wa Saigo-no Shudanto Shite
Densetsuno Uchuu Shigotonin-ni
Saikyou-no SAIBOUGU senshi-wo
Irai shita.

The direct translation

(Western history 2097 year)
(repeatedly, the Earth invasion, is, at last,)
(human's hand, assume, can't, became)
(U.N. is, the last, step, as)
(legendary space death squad, to)
(strongest, cyborg soldier)
(commission, did)

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