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Performan himself Static Screen
Performan ? Data East
No known
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Brief Description

(Taken from DataEast Site info, 02/24 12:59:16 by Randy, translated by Fujix, edited by Carl)

Performan Action!This game is interesting. It's a static screen, stage-clear-type action game.

You control a robot named Performan himself"Performan" in 4 directions and destroy enemies. The player's weapon is a "Perfor-Boomerang" that shoots straight out in front of the player. The game is viewed from the top, and a button allows you to dig tunnels under the playing field where you can move under obstacles and enemies like a mole.

There are 2 different types of enemies, one is a robot The enemy robot and the other one a battle tank The drilling tank with a drill on its head. The tank can go dig tunnels. You can beat the enemies by shooting them, or by shooting one of the The meca-stone "Meca-Stones" on the field. When you shoot the Meca-Stone, enemies close to the Meca-Stone get damaged by the explosion. If you beat several enemies at once, you can get up to 8000 points for each enemy.

If you dig under the Meca-Stone to drop it in your tunnel, it will explode there. It's one of the most interesting points of this game.

There's a technique that allows you to throw the Meca-Stone at enemies (Meca-Stone throwing).

Sometimes after the Meca-Stone explodes, a ghost The ghost may appear. If you pick it up, you become invincible for some time ("power" pickup). When a Meca-Stone explodes you also get a present The present which contains a pickup The pickup sack (comes in many shapes, but is golden with a red "P" on them) which in turn will show 4 drops of different colours. If you pick up or shoot these you fill up the boxes on top of the screen.

Peforman title screen
Title screen

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