Shark Recordings

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Shark supports playback of game sessions stored in .rec files. Enabling this feature is not trivial, but it is very simple. This site contains various game sessions for your viewing pleasure!

How to enable recordings in Shark:

  • If you just installed Shark, start and exit Shark.
  • In the same directory as Shark, you will now find a file called shark.ini, doubleclick this file or load it into your favorite text editor (Notepad.exe for example)
  • Go to the line that says: "Ability to record play is off" and change "off" to "on". If it is already on, the recording is already enabled. Do not forget to save the file!!!

How to play a recording in Shark:

  • Unzip the file you downloaded with your favorite Zip manager into the same directory as Shark.exe. This saves a ".rec" file. You can not change the name of this file.
  • Start the game in Shark as normal, note that you need to start the exact same version as the ".rec" file was created with.
  • When the game has booted, press 'P' and simply select PLAY RECORDING from the main menu in Shark.
  • Note that you can enter the Shark main menu at any time to end the playback by pressing END PLAYBACK and take over the controls!

How to create a recording in Shark:

  • Start the game as you normally would
  • Select START RECORDING, the playback will be started from the point in game you were when you did this.
  • Play the game.
  • To end the recording, go to the Shark main menu by pressing 'P' and select STOP RECORDING or simply quit Shark or change the game.

Sample Recordings