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Slap Fight Alcon A76


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Brief Description

Slapfight game actionSlap Fight is an early space shoot'em-up on a PCB similar to Tiger-Heli.

flashing starYou start with a rather slow ship with lame weapons and pick up stars that appear where enemies are destroyed. Each star changes the selection to the right in the powerup bar at the bottom of the screen (first star is the speed pickup).

power-up bar

The graphics in the game is very simple thanks to the old technology which makes the game a bit less messy than many later games.

The game was converted to the c64, SEGA Genesis, Atari ST and Sinclair Spectrum.

Story (From US Flyer of Alcon)

Alcon saves the world and reaches new profit heights!

Unspeakable evil was born in a distant galaxy when the wicked brain "Gaudy" came into being. Gaudy created a brutal force and embarked on a quest to conquer the universe. Now it is the year 2059 and this inhuman aggressor has arrived - to conquer our world!

The Allied Leage of COsmic Nations (ALCON) has met and resolved that just one lone pilot must stand against this invader, flying the experimental aircraft SW475 - which builds up various weaponry by defeating certain enemy forces. The player is the pilot, and while he struggles to think and move fast in the heat of battle excitement. you'll be reaping the profits!

Arcade version info:
US local name: Alcon

slap fight space ship

Game Instructions (From the Alcon Arcade Manual)

Taito America Corporation's ALCON™ game is an all out action game with many levels of weaponry to make an exciting game not seen in quite some time.

The year is 2059. Aliens have overrun the planet. The Allied League of Cosmic Nations, commonly called ALCON, have convened to combat this menace to the world. ALCON has determined that a sole, experienced pilot, flying the experimental S475 aircraft, must defend the world against certain destruction.

You are the pilot that must fly the SW475 aircraft and defeat the aliens.


  • Use Joystick to fly SW475 over terrain.

  • Use "Fire" button to shoot at enemies.

  • Use "Weapon Select" button to choose your weapons.

  • The "Weapon's Gauge" on bottom of screen shows which weapons can be used (the wording on the weapons turn yellow).

  • Pick up stars to advance "Weapons Gauge."

Weapons available on the SW 475

SPEED - This will increase your flying speed
SHOT - Normal forward fire
SIDE - Right and Left fire
WING - Double, Triple and Quadruple fire power
BOMB - Wide range fire
LASER - Long range fire
H. MIS - Homing missiles
SHIELD - Indestructible against three hits



PCB and Memory Map
The Alcon arcade manual including the schematics
Information about the conversions to home systems
Your Sinclair review of Sinclair version
Hardware information
Play hints
Alcon Flyer


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slapfight flashing star

Technical Information

Slap Fight ingame.CPU: 2 x Z80
Sound: 2 x ay-8910 PSG
Video: same as Tiger Heli
Copyright: (c) Taito 1986
More information

Game type: 1 Player Spaceship Shooter.
Similar games: Terra Cresta (c) Nichibutsu.


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