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Play tips

Snow Bros gameplay(from RCATT, contributed by Chris Gigliotti)

On the first ten stages, you can easily rack of close to a million points. The trick is to defeat all of the enemies by pushing only one snowball. If properly done, seven or eight banners will come down from the top of the screen, and they are worth 10,000 points each. If you can do this eight or nine times, and you have collected the red (speed up) potion, you will easily get 700,000-1,000,000 points by the time you get to the first boss. To get the various coloured potions, try to kill all of the enemies of the same color group using as few snowballs as possible. The color of the enemy determines the color of the potion. There are four potions:

  • 1. red=speedup

  • 2. blue=powerful shots

  • 3. yellow=extended range

  • 4. green=allows you to collect the letters S-N-O-W, which gives you an extra man.

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