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Snow Bros 2
Snow Bros
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Brief Description

Snow Bros 2 gameplayThe sequel to the Bubble Bobble inspired Snow Bros by Toaplan. This version was created by Hanafram co. ltd. and the game runs on hardware similar to Truxton 2.

The first game was quite playworthy, probably the best side-track game Toaplan ever made. This game has a lot more art and stuff throwing at you but that doesn't help the game one single bit. There is a bit more variation in the levels and it is a lot easier than the first game. Also there is a bit of annoying story-telling inbetween levels.

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Technical Information

Video: Toaplan board 1992-> Same as Truxton 2
Copyright: Hanafram 1994
More information

Game type: 1 or 2 player simultaneous Bubble Bobble-ish platform game with snowballs
Prequel: Snow Bros


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