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Quick Info

Player Type Japan World Board ID (C) Conversions Sequel

Truxton TP-013B

Genesis Tatsujin Oh
Truxton 2
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Brief Description

Truxton action The best Toaplan space shoot'em-up. The game plays like Flying Shark but is placed in space. Your mission is as usual to destroy all enemies and reach the end. The game is very popular, although Flying Shark plays better and has better graphics.

The music was composed by Masahiro Yuge, who also did the music for Truxton 2.

The Japanese version is very similar, the main differance is the Tatsujin ("Expert") name.

Truxton/Tatsujin was converted to SEGA Genesis and PC Engine. The PC Engine plays more like the original game than the SEGA version.

Small galaxyClick here for The Story and play guide (from the Genesis version manual) Or the information from the (US) arcade flyer.


Genesis back of box text plus play guide and background story
Recording of first couple of bosses (How to play recordings in Shark)
Recording a bit later in the game
Soundtrack info
The Truxton Space Ship (big)
Gameplay hints
Truxton Flyer (US) front (From Arcade Flyer Database)
Truxton Flyer (US) back (From Arcade Flyer Database)

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Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (10 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Small planetVideo: same as OutZone/Hellfire/Zero Wing/Demon's World
Copyright Year: 1988
More information

Game type: Top-down space shoot'em-up.
Sequel: Tatsujin Oh / Truxton 2
Original name: Tatsujin ("Expert" in Japanese)


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