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Tatsujin Oh
Truxton 2 TP-024

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Brief Description

Truxton action It seems that Toaplan tried hard to make any sequel of a game different from its predecessor. Flying Shark plays for example quite different than Fire Shark and the same seems to apply to Truxton and Truxton 2, even if it is less of a differance.

Truxton has two different types of pickups for weapons, Type (Red, Green or Blue) and Power (P). Pick up 5 P in Truxton and you increase one power level (level 1 through 3), but in Truxton 2 you raise a power level each time you pick up a Weapon Type Pickup (Red Green or Blue) that is equal to the one you already have.

While the weapon power system may seem a trivial deatail, it affects the game quite a bit. In Truxton you inherited up to 4 P's to get to power level 2 easily but in Truxton 2 you start over from scratch each time you lose a life. Truxton 2 lets you recover sooner though as you only need to find a couple of the same weapon you have to get to maximum power.

The reason for the difference in the pickup system is probably due to the 2-player simultaneous mode in Truxton 2, where you would need to quickly recharge your weapon power to match your companion.

The enemies in Truxton 2 are very insect-like, much like Truxton, but Truxton 2 has more detail and more animation frames to make the game smoother. There seem to be a lot more shots moving on the screen than Truxton, but there are almost always ways to get around the shots if you are alert enough. Some of the bosses seem to be Truxton 1 bosses coming back with a vengeance!

One of the best parts of Truxton 2 is the music composed by Masanori Yuge, but it is a bit noisy with all the shooting going on at the same time.

Tatsujin Oh Logo (Japanese version)
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Soundtrack info
Truxton 2 (US) Flyer (front)
Truxton 2 (US) Flyer (back)

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Truxton 2 spaceship

Technical Information

Hardware info

Game type: Top-down space shoot'em-up.
Prequel: Truxton
Original name: Tatsujin Oh ("King of Professional" in Japanese)


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