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Twin Cobra Helicopter

1-2P Heli

Kyukyoku Tiger
Kyukyoku Tiger
(Ultimate Tiger)

Twin Cobra

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Tiger Heli
Tiger 2

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Brief Description

Twin Cobra ScreenshotThis game is one of the highlights of Toaplan's arcadography! Not quite the quality of Flying Shark but on the other hand this game offers simultaneous two player mode which made the sequel to Tiger Heli one of the most popular arcade games of its time.

You fly a blue or red chopper and your mission is to shoot all enemies and not get shot yourself.

The Japanese version, Ultimate Tiger (Kyukyoku Tiger), is somewhat different. It does not share the two-player mode of its western cousin, and when you are hit you start at a point a bit further back than where you lost your previous chopper, much like Flying Shark. Also, the Japanese chopper is gray like the one on the title screen of all versions.

Music and sound created by Tatsuya Uemura.

The game was converted to the NES and Genesis PC Engine (as PCE and Japan Genesis named "Ultimate Tiger Heli" for some reason). Banpresto later converted the game to Sony PlayStation together with Tiger Heli, this version is probably only available in Japan though.

Click here for more information on the home versions of Twin Cobra, and here for the  the Genesis Manual including the background story!

Title Screen Helicopter

How to play

Shoot all enemies and dodge their bullets, use bombs when you have to. Throughout the game there are various pickup carriers that reveals power-ups when destroyed. Certain structures have bonus stars that will increase the score at the end of each level.


Big Green Chopper

Destroy pickup carriers such as the big green chopper to reveal the pickups



Pick up the S to increase shot power and range



Pick up the B for an extra bomb


Blue Shots

Pick up the blue weapon for a spreading forward shot.

Blue Weapon

Green Shots

Pick up the green weapon for a powerful forward shot.

Green Weapon

Red Shots

Pick up the red weapon for a wider forward shot.

Red Weapon

Yellow Shots

Pick up the yellow weapon for a 4-direction (narrow) shot.

Yellow Weapon

P Star

Pick up the P stars from destroyed buildings for end-of-level bonus score



Arcade Manual
PCB and Memory Map
Home versions
Genesis manual (Including background story)
Twin Cobra Recording (how to play recording in Shark)
Soundtrack info
Arcade hardware information
Gameplay hints


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Ultimate Tiger Japanese logo

Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (10 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz) and TI32010-c (Protection)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Video system: Similar to Flying Shark
Copyright Year: 1987 (Taito)
More information / Twin Cobra PCB Photo

Game type: 1 or 2 Heli shoot'em-up.
Prequel: Tiger Heli
Sequel: Kyukyoku Tiger 2 (Arcade/Genesis/Saturn)
Original name: Kyukyoku Tiger (Japanese for "Ultimate Tiger")

Wide screen hack from the Shark Emulator
(Shark Emulator widescreen hack screenshot)


"...this game really takes off with two players (as in TWIN Cobra...), which is LOTS of fun!" (Arcade version, Mad Dog, EmuViews)

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