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Against the odds

You're the pilot of the latest in air-attack technology, the TC-7 Twin Cobra assault helicopter. You were looking forward to a nice long break after that last mission, but it wasn't to be. You've been volunteered for a dangerously risky assignment- a task that is likely to alter the course of world events!

Commander Anziga is the demented, myoptic leader of a nation called Kaban. He has ruled with an iron fist for over 20 years. Although the standard of living in his country ranks near the bottom when compared to other civilized countries, Kaban's military might is nothing less than staggering. Now you're going to find out just how ominous a threat Anziga's army is...

Your orders are to penetrate Kaban's border, plow through the nightmarish defense system and level the massive base where Anziga's headquareters are reportedly located. Use your twin machine guns and your supply of bombs to devastate the enemy. You and the Twin Cobra stand along against what may be the most awesome fighting force the world has ever seen!


Getting Started

The Title screen appears first, showing your TC-7 assault chopper. Then a demonstration begins. Watch the demo to get a good idea of what you're in for. Press any button during the demo to return to the Title screen. To begine play right away, press the Start Button. To set game conditions before playing, move the marker to "Configuration" using the D-Button and press the Start Button.


Set the Stage

On the Configuration screen, press the D-Button up or down to move the marker from one category to the next. Then press the D-Button left or right, or press Button A or B to reveal choices in the selected category.

Lives: The number of Cobras (2-5) you have for each credit.

Extra Lives: When your score reaches certain levels you may receive an extra chopper. There are four different arrangements. You can choose to get an extra helicopter at 70,000 and again at 200,000 points, at 50,000 and again at 150,000, at 10,000 only, or you can give up your change for an extra Cobra by selecting "No Extend." Each time you use up a credit, your score is reset to zero.

Game difficulty: There are eight levels to choose from: Easy A, B, C and D, and Hard A, B, C, and D. The number of credits you get depends on the level you select. The harder the level, the more credits you receive (as shown in the following chart).

Easy A
Easy B
Easy C
Easy D
Hard A
Hard B
Hard C
Hard D

Control: Here's where you choose the functions of Buttons A, B and C during play. Try all four arrangements and find the one that suits you.


Rapid Fire: Select "On" to play with rapid fire, or "Off" to try your luck without it.

Music: Sample any one of the ten soundtracks. Press the D-Button left or right to reveal a title, then press Button A to hear that track. Pressing Button B turns the sound off.

Press the Start Button to return to the Title screen. To begin play, insure that the marker is next to "Start," then press the Start Button.


Mission objectives

There are ten stages of firing, swerving, explosions and close calls facing you. A carrier waits for you at the end of each stage, where you can pause for a short rest before returning to combat. Your supply of bombs is limited, so use them sparingly (remaining bombs are shown in the bottom right corner).

The most important skill in battle is maneuvering your chopper. You'll find that there's not much room to move about. Your bird could be blown to bits in the wink of an eye! Move constantly, firing your machine guns at will (ammo supply is unlimited). Moving to the top of the screen to grab items is risky- it's safer to wait until they are close to you. Enemies appear form the top of the screen with little or no let-up, and you could easily run into one or get picked off by a quick shot. If you plan on getting to Commander Anziga's hiding place, you can't afford a single mistake!



Item symbols appear as you obliterate enemy targets. These symbols give you more sophisticated weaponry, bonus points and extra choppers.

 SIncrease the power of the weapon you're using with each of these symbols you can grab!

S Add another devastating bomb to your supply!

Red This symbol changes color as it floats about. Four different colors alternate (red, green, yellow and blue), each one representing a special advanced weapon. You'll have to experiment with each one and judge their value in various situations. Be bold - take some risks in the beginning.

Bonus Star Each of these symbols is worth 3,000 points if you can clear the stage you're playing. Should you lose a chopper in the middle of a stage, you lose the bonus points.

[?] Catching the 1Up item during one of its rare appearances nets you and extra Cobra with which to continue your assault! Can you spot it when it appears?


Status Report

Each time you're shot down by, or collide with, an enemy vehicle or vessel, you lose one Cobra. At this time, the status screen appears. The high score, your current score, the number of the stage you're playing, and your remaining credits and Cobras are displayed. (Press Start to quickly return to the game.)

Game Over / Continue

tThe game ends when you lose all of your lives. When he Continue screen appears, move the marker to "Yes" using the D-Button and press the Start Button to keep fighting. If you want to give up, move the marker to "No." Don't let the timer run out before you make your choice! You can't


Survival Tips

  • Select Rapid Fire "On" at the Configuration screen. This lets you fire constantly without your hand becoming tired. In the heat of battle, even the smallest distraction can be fatal!
  • Item symbols move about randomly. Wait until they are close to you before taking them. A sudden dash to the top of the screen could cost you a chopper!






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