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Daisen Pu
Twin HawkTaito-X
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Brief Description

Twin Hawk game actionTwin Hawk is an airplane shooter, you're flying over wasted land filled with tanks. You're shooting, and being shot by, everything that moves. In concept, the game is strangely similar to Flying Shark.

You start off with a double shot, and very spaced apart are the (P) pickups that lets you earn a 4-shot and then a 6-shot.

You start each life with 2 helper groups, once they're used up you have to rely on skill to get anywhere. To access the smartbombs, just press the helper button twice, this will cost you a helper group though.

The helper groups are a bunch of airplanes that are equipped like you start, with doubleshots, and when you shoot, they shoot. This is great for certain sections of the game with very intense enemy waves and your friends are great shields too, no need to dodge as often, just hide behind a helper airplane and that plane will go down instead of you. If you press the helper button again, the helper planes kamikaze to take out enemies. To get a smart bomb you must press the helper button two times quickly.

A difference from most other World War 2 Shoot'em-ups is that all the enemies are ground targets, you don't battle any airplanes in this game.

The game was converted to PCE and SEGA Genesis. On the Genesis, the sprites weren't scaled down (at least not very much) so what you saw was about 1/2 the arcade screen. It made the game a bit more visually impressive, but it was trickier to play.

The game was released on both HuCard and CD for PCE, where the CD version is called "Daisen Pu Custom" and had added levels, music and enemies.

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Story (From the Twin Hawk Flyer)

With Guns Blazing,
Twin Hawk Streaks Across The Sky!

It was in the year 193X that enemy forces planned to attack and conquer country R. A small oasis town, S, was the target for the raid. To assist the enemy forces in conquering this town, they drugged the inhabitants' food and water supply so as to render them defenseless.

There were, however, those inhabitants who were suspicious of foul play and stopped eating and drinking the tainted food and water. They began to write SOS messages and attached them to carrier pigeons and fish with the hopes that someone would come to their aid, but all the messages were found and destroyed. The bravest members of the town began to prepare for a fight. They started to work on a simple base in the forests where they hoped to be camouflaged from the enemy.

Soon, the Twin Hawk Anti-conquest Flying Corp. was formed. Just before final completion, the base was discovered by the enemy and the base was attacked! It looked as though the defenders of the town had run out of time, so the Twin Hawk Flying Corp. was launched into action before it was completely operational!

Twin Hawk Player


PC Engine version screenshots


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Technical Information

Copyright: (c) Taito 1989

Game type: 2 Player alternating World War 2 Shooter.
Similar games: Flying Shark


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