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Happy new year to everyone. Updating is tedious when dealing with a million old school html pages. I'm thinking of rewriting the whole site in the near future. Stay tuned..


Greetings ! ! I have had very little time for updates the past year. Now that's going to change. ;)


Fixed the Slap Fight pages. Removed some dead links and added some new ones on the front page (Get Star, Tiger-Heli, Slap Fight, Truxton, Truxton 2, and Zero Wing)


Fixed the Performan , Tiger-Heli and Get Star pages.


Fixed the Zero Wing pages. (Main page, Story and How to play)


Fixed the Truxton & Truxton 2 pages.


Slowly emerging from the dark, I finally have had some time to clean up some pages.
Also decided to name the site All Your Base instead of just Toaplan.




After too many years offline the site is finally back up! Thanks to the original creator Mr Carl
The new URL is


Moved all the game links to the links page, cleaned it up a bit and also put the game links on the main page. Also added dip switch settings to the Tiger Heli PCB and Memory Map. More Updates.


Added an arcade manual for Twin Cobra, and a Memory Map. Also trying an improved "quick info" for Flying Shark, Twin Cobra and Tiger Heli.


Added an arcade manual for Fix Eight.


Just edited the links page a bit.


Added a PCB and Memory map for Flying Shark as well. Also made the RAM info of Tiger Heli and Slap Fight maps more detailed!


2/2/2!!! Added memory maps for Tiger Heli and Slap Fight. If anyone finds them helpful, or possibly helpful, feel free to tell me and I might add some other games memory maps by request. Also added the background story of Twin Hawk and changed the logo for that game.


Fixed the names and descriptions of all pages since they weren't all reflecting the content. Also added some photos of Toaplan items in my collection!


Just a slight design change and various fixes here and there.


Added HTML version of the AlconArcade Manual.


Added HTML version of the Rally Bike Arcade Manual. Also added the remainder of the Twin Cobra Genesis manual!


Added Sky Shark Arcade Manual and NES Manual to the Flying Shark page! Also added some screenshots from the NES version of Twin Cobra to the appropriate page, and added some text found on the back of the TruxtonGenesis Box, and some other updates.


Added a few screenshots from the PC Engine version of Twin Hawk (Daisen Pu). Had some fun and made the entire Zero Wing story into an anagram, inspired by an anagram I found of "All your base are belong to us" :) Enjoy! I also have a few user manuals for some of the arcade games, including Alcon, Fix Eight and Flying Shark which I will add to this site as soon as I get a minute.


Back to again :) I decided to get my own hosting, mainly for the benefit of having the email address working again. Changed the links that went to "Tom's Page" since he shuffled things around a bit :) Thanks to everyone that adds information and points out things on the site by the way and please remind me if I ever forget things. Hopefully I'll get some more updates going as well.. Please note that my email is now again!


Moved to its new home here at The new URL is! I wish to thank JoseQ of for keeping this site online until this time, and for the new hosting! I also must apologize for not updating the site as often as I should but there's just not a whole lot of news for a company that has been bancrupt since 1994.. Here's this versions updates: new links to fan pages for OutZone, Flying Shark, Tiger Heli, Slap Fight...


Changed a bit on the Zero Wing Story page again...


A small update since the EmuViews code changed a bit. I've also added some notes to the Zero Wing Story page because of the recent Zero Wing Craze.... For more fun, I'll try to add some stuff asap.. More Updates.


At last a new update! This time it is more information about Performan which finally got emulated by Quench so I could try it for myself! There is also a secret little toaplan-related project going on which can be found from this page which is quite interesting ;) Also, and (as well as of course) should work for getting to this site now! There is also a note on the Zero Wing Genesis story since that page is the most popular entry page (Someone set up us the bomb)..


More good news! Fujix translated the story about Toaplan by Tatsuya Uemura, it has been inserted into the history page! Fujix also provided scans of all the covers of the Toaplan soundtracks, which can be viewed on the CD listing page. I forgot to mention that I've fixed OptiHTML a little bit as well to not mess up scripts.


Great news everyone! Fujix found all the Toaplan soundtracks and sent them to me. This means I now have these great CDs, including stuff that came with the booklets :) More stuff on the CDs will come soon! A big thanks to Fujix for helping me tracking the CDs down! I have some additional things to update that I haven't updated today, I left them on another PC by mistake but I'll add that in soon! Other things changed: Added images of the Out Zone and Rally Bike PCBs to the Hardware page, plus new images of the PCBs for Sky Shark and Twin Cobra! Some review/info links added to Hellfire, Vimana and Twin Hawk. Created a products page for Dead Serious Windows downloads. Sorry about the long delay since the previous update, but there's more, including a translation of Tatsuya's auction page, soundtrack cover scans, Zero Wing soundtrack music title list and even more to come soon!


Added images of the Snow Bros and Wardner (Pyros) PCB's to the Hardware page, images supplied by Tormod Tjaberg! Added the Genesis/Mega Drive game Aleste Fullmetal Figher Ellinor (Musha Aleste in the US). Put in some arcade flyers after a suggestion from XRay1 of Arcade Flyer Database! They are: Alcon, Out Zone, Truxton and Truxton 2! Added the "Quick Info Box" to all games and prev/next links for games in the QIBs.


Added the US Marquee for Out Zone!. New NES cartridge sticker for Flying Shark, Added info for Twin Cobra Home Versions including Genesis and NES versions! Added images of some PCBs to the Hardware page. Added a couple of interesting notes on the history page! Testing a little quick info box on some games.


Changed the style of the Game Index to eliminate the three-step selection to get to the actual game. This meant some other updates on various pages as well. Fixed the soundtrack listing for the DogyuunCD. Also updated the OptiHTML program.


Started doing more How To Play sections for the games, so far Twin Cobra, Out Zone, Flying Shark and Tiger Heli are done.


Created a dreamcast mode and organized the contents of the pages so it will be easier to edit them in the future. Added information for all the Fix Eight characters, thanks to Shooting Star and Fujix! Also added some notes to Batsugun and fixed some page bugs that occured in the last two updates.


E3 is over and there's more updates! Batsugun got a lot of information about the characters and the background story updated, as well as how to play being updated. The Soundtrack section got updated with the rest of the composers and all tracks except for Zero Wing!. Flying Shark got updated with information about the legendary pilot who flew the biplane!


A long delay since the previous update, sorry for that, but E3 is keeping me busy. There is an added large fonts mode, see links below the top of screen Toaplan logo. Updated almost all CDs missing information in the Soundtracks page. Added links for most games to other relevant sites, plus some more information for some games.


Added information about the Batsugun Characters and the Background story. Changed the text on Twin Hawk / Daisen Pu to be less repeating and fixed a typo on the Out Zone description.


A lot of contributions arrived! Fix Eight got a writeup thanks to Alexandre Lefebvre, who also contributed many other details causing updates all over the site! Two donors also promised to send original Toaplan soundtracks! New website email address: ^EMAIL. Some fixes occured to graphical glitches. The addition of Fix Eight completes the writeup collection except for the Mahjong games!!! Updated every page more or less, some old pages were forgotten in the old design but fixed.


Made the index pages a bit lighter so they're not repeating the same information on all pages. Added Knuckle Bash, Whoopee/Pipi & Bibi's and Ghox. Only missing Fix Eight and the Mahjong games now :). Altered Truxton 2 / Tatsujin Oh. Fixed glitch in Get Star.


Altered Batsugun, Added award to Acknowledgements page.


Moved stuff around to make the site architecture easier to navigate and continued to convert the html to use CSS... While at it, also got bored of tile-ish design and went for a cleaner style with the Toaplan mark in the upper left corner. Added some pages I'd missed in some games. Changed the text in the welcome section.


Added a pages for Enma Daiou and Wardner, altered the History page, the Batsugun page and the logo. Changed a couple of Japanese strings updated by Fujix. Converted some pages to use CSS rather than the eternal font specifications, to make it easier to do the updates in Developer Studio.


Added Performan and Batsugun. New games: Jong-Ou, Jong-Kyuo. Butchered the main index into 4 separate parts since it started to get really long, now you have to select from the quick index before you can get to the game link. Added a lot of Japanese strings for games created by Fujix. Altered V-5/Grindstormer.


Added Toaplan History, Get Star, V-5 (Grindstormer), altered Slap Fight hints, main index, new games: Performan and Enma Daio ("King of Hell"). Altered a bunch of stuff.


Added Outzone midi song, Dogyuun story translated by Fujix plus new Out Zone story details, altered Tiger Heli, Flying Shark, Twin Cobra, Hellfire, Out Zone, Zero Wing, main index, cd list, thanks and links.


Added Vimana and Same!Same!Same! midi songs to Toaplan CD-list, Added story page to Truxton 2, Made a new page for Flying Shark home versions with more details, Translation by Fujix of the Out Zone story page, Altered links, Slap Fight, Thanks