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Interesting insight from Lance McKay @EmuXpress

The launch station elephants!...there is a interesting story about this that all ufologists out there probably know about already. When you start the game you see some technical stuff that the ship takes off from. Look real close and you'll see that its actually two elephants! On top of that they closely resemble Hindu drawings from India. The background for this game is based on a thousand's of years old book called the mahabarata that is regarded as a bible (sorta) for millions of Hindu's in India. When you read some of the verses in it you'll find funny descriptions of vehicles that the gods used that closely resemble modern aircraft of today. They are called Vimana's that carry *magical* axes and spears :) The mahabarata also describe what appears to be a technological war with missiles, nukes and huge flying fortresses and something which could be interpreted as radiation poisoning! The ancient Babylonian and Indian civilisations have often been an interesting pool for speculation and creative thinking regarding alien interference on earth in ancient times.. but who knows? Personally I see this vimana game as a testament of the creative side that Japanese game developers are so famous for.

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