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Player Type Japan World Board ID (C) Conversions
Zero Wing TP-015

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Brief Description

There is a new How To Play page for Zero Wing!

For some reason, Toaplan didn't quite get the horizontal from-the-side view shoot'em-up games quite as good as the vertical ones.

Zero Wing game action Zero Wing is one of those games. Of course the mission is the same - destroy all enemies and reach the end! (twice, I should add) but the action isn't as intense.

The highlight of the game is instead the creative bosses (even though they may have starred as the villains in various other games prior to this appearance) and the features of the spaceship.

You can pick up 3 different types of weapons, red ones are the straight bullet shots, blue ones are laser shots and green ones are homing. There are 3 levels for each shot and there is a "super secret" weapon pickup which I've only got once that gives you really fat bullets/lasers/homing bullets.

In addition you have a tractor beam that can hold either a bomb (release it and it goes off) or a smaller enemy that you can launch at other enemies. The tractor beam is useful when you have lots of enemies ahead.

Music and sound created by Tatsuya Uemura

The game was converted to SEGA MegaDrive and PC Engine.

For some reason, SEGA could not release the Genesis version in the US market, probably due to the fact that Williams (Midway) owned the arcade distribution rights

Click here for the story from the MegaDrive version! (to gameplay, vital it is not) (or the anagram version of the story)

the Zero Wing


MegaDrive version story
Anagram of above
Soundtrack info
Arcade hardware information

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Technical Information

CPU: 68000 (10 MHz) and Z80 (3.5 MHz)
Sound: ym3812 (Yamaha OPL2)
Video: same as OutZone/Hellfire/Truxton/Fire Shark/Demon's World
Copyright Year: 1989
More information

Game type: Side-view horizontal space shoot'em-up.


"Zerowing does feature some really cool bosses" (MegaDrive version, Roger Post, SHMUPS)

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